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Re: VCS systems on linux

John L Fjellstad wrote:

"Roberto C. Sanchez" <roberto@connexer.com> writes:

On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 11:45:04AM -0800, John L Fjellstad wrote:
Well, not exactly.  CVS only does vcs-per-file.  That is, it doesn't
know anything about the interrelationship between files.
The new generation vcs', like subversion and arch does keep track of
batches of dependencies.  That is, say you change file A and B (which
depends on each other), and check them in together, then in Subversion,
they have the same version number. So, if you check out by version
number, you will get all the files (and older) that got checked in for
that version.
OTOH, if you are checking out a specific file, I don't know any vcs that
will check out all files that this specific file depend on.
Actually, subversion versions the entire repository.

But the versions of the files that doesn't get checked in during the
fileset, doesn't get change, does it?  From what i understand from the

So, I have fileA, fileB, fileC at v5. I change fileA and fileB, and
check in the set, fileA and fileB has v6 and fileC still has v5.
Now, if I check out v6, I will get fileA, fileB at v6 and fileC at v5.

Am I wrong?
Thanks for the responses, everyone.  It's been enlightening, as always.

Marc Shapiro

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