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Re: can I use etch now? and 2 other questions

On 12/1/06, Serena Cantor <qipaishi2006@yahoo.com> wrote:
I can't wait for etch official release. What's the difference between current etch and its
official release? How much disk space does minimal etch installation require?

2 common questions:

1. how to compare 2 files? I try diff, not satisfied with it. Is there command similiar  to MS's

I dont know fc, but if you're not satisfied with diff, maybe you could
try a kompare [1]

2. given a directory and a string of text, how to use "find" to search files (in that
directory)that contains that text?

man grep

[1]  http://www.caffeinated.me.uk/kompare/

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Sergio Cuellar

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