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Re: Evolution multilingual spellchecking in Debian Etch (Newbie).

On Fri, 2006-12-01 at 19:54 +0100, Brian Durant wrote: 
> Are you refering to this?
> "If any of the above mentioned programs are not in your path than the
> variables, ASPELL and/or PREZIP need to be set to the
> commands (with path) to run the utilities.  These variables may be set
> in the environment before configure is run or specified at the command
> line using the following syntax
>   ./configure --vars VAR1=VAL1 ...
> Other useful variables configure recognizes are ASPELL_PARMS, and DESTDIR."
> I am a newbie, I have absolutely no idea what this means or what to do.


I was thinking more about this part,

        After the dictionaries are installed you can use the main one
        (id) by
        setting the LANG environmental variable to id or running Aspell
        with "--lang=id".  You may also chose the dictionary directly
        with the "-d" or "--master" option of Aspell.  You can chose
        from any of
        the following dictionaries:
          id (indonesian)
        Whereas the names in parentheses are alternate names for the
        dictionary preceding the parentheses.

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