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Empty KDE Control Panel; Crowded Lost and Found

Hi Folks,

Like several others, I've got an etch installation with kde where the
kde control panel is empty. The last time this came up, someone
pointed to a kind of lost and found within kde - it shows up as one of
the directory-like choices in that application menu. Sure enough, 
I've got a huge lost and found menu, which will probably let me get at
the various kde control center options, but what I want is to fix the
control center.

I don't know how kde works, internally. How do I get these tools to
appear where they belong? Am I looking for a directory tree, to be
fixed with mv, some text file to be editted, or (I fear) some binary
file to be modified only with some doubtless graphical tool? 

Also, assuming I fix whatever got misinstalled, how do I avoid having
it break again every time some kde component is upgraded? 


(Arlie Stephens	                              arlie@worldash.org)

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