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Re: A question about "Timestamp" and "Created Time"

On 01.12.06 11:25, Eduardo wrote:
> Yeap, anyways...the "Last Modified" is in the current date too, any ideas?

if you modify a file, the 'last modified' time is set to actual time. You
would need extension that will change the time to the one client provides.
Note that basic FTP protocol does not support time changes. Maybe there's an
FTP extension (I'm not sure) but the client and server both will have to
support it.

> On 12/1/06, Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar@fantomas.sk> wrote:
> >On 01.12.06 10:22, Eduardo wrote:
> >> Hi, I have a FTP server that is outside my company and the users on my
> >> network (inside the company)  must put their files at this FTP vwith
> >> the help of a NFS mounted directory that I shared with SAMBA.
> >>
> >> But when anyone puts a file in there, or even if I transfer the file
> >> using SFTP, the "Created Time" attribute changes to the current date.
> >>
> >> And when anyone puts a file via FTP, the "Created Time" changes too.
> >>
> >> Does anybody knows how can I keep it to original??
> >
> >linux and unix filesystems do not support "created time". They are emulated
> >using the "last-modified" timestamp.

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