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Re: what's the killer app for GNU/Linux systems?

Hi all,

1) Kernel and libraries being stable for my numerical calculations, which allow me to forget about the existence of operating system. This is enabled by well-organized package dependencies. I've never had trouble in the operating system part such as necessity to reboot the system or such before external electricity is cut at least a year for maintainance. Nothing is better than 0% trouble.

2) Direct or indirect support from the community (it's not app., though), which bring about peace in my heart. Even if I ask nothing or seek no information from the community, knowing that there're guys who can help me is good enough.

3) The fact that everything is open (it's not app. either): even if I have some trouble, I can judge whether I should pursueing to solve the problem or give it up and switch to another option according to the opened information.

4) Possibility (these are apps. though I'm not using them at the moment but I might be going to use them): as I mentioned above, I use very few functionalities of GNU/Linux system, but I'm allowed to use it at my will when I need it. This is great.

5) Fun

I have no reason to abandon these benefits and switch to other systems. This is why I've been using GNU/Linux since 1995. Average load of each CPU I've been using since 1995 (except for the one I usually play with) is, for sure, more than 98% (a week a year loss) of its capability (well, you can argue what is 100%), which provides no necessity to get better hardware with poor OS.


Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:
A killer app is an application that compels one to use a certain
system. On Debian lists, someone mentioned that meld, a GUI diff
utility, was killer. I can't think of any I have because I moved to
GNU/Linux for its said overall magnificence, instead of a particular
application, and today there's isn't one utility I admire so much I'd
consider such... maybe gnome-terminal, lsof, grep, top,
epiphany-browser, or less. I'd mention admirance for Blender, GCC,
Python but they are cross-platform. I'd mention GNOME, but it's a 100
apps. So I give up and ask you, what's your killer app(s)?

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