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Re: no medium found. cdrom broken?

H.S.(hs.samix@gmail.com) is reported to have said:
> I haven't been able to read any CD from my cdrom drive in my computer
> running Debian Etch for quite a few weeks. Not sure exactly when this
> problem started. Whenever I insert a disc, it doesn't get detected and
> if I try to manually mount it, I get the message "no medium found" or
> some such thing.
> That same disc works in the cd write on the same computer.
> I noticed yesterday, that when the computer boots up or when I close the
> cdrom's tray, the LED on the cdrom blinks as usual. But when I insert
> the disc and close the tray, the LED blinks for a while, then nothing
> happens and when I take out the disc the disc appears to have not moved
> at all. Looks like the cdrom drive is not spinning it at all.
> So, it is the drive broken? Doesn't look like to be an issue with hal or
> dbus.

1. Does /media/cdrom0 esist?
2. Does ls -l  /cdrom return    /cdrom -> /media/cdrom0/  ?

This has happened here more then once. If #1 and #2 are no, then do
rm -f /cdrom
mkdir /media/cdrom0
ln -s /media/cdrom0 /cdrom

I have added this to my /root/.bash_profile so I don't have to see the
"no medium found" again.

if [ ! -d /media/cdrom0 ]; then 
    mkdir /media/cdrom0
    ln -s /media/cdrom0 /cdrom

NOTE: there are 2 symbolic links that you also need.  they are
/dev/cdrom -> /dev/cdrom0
/dev/cdrom0 -> /dev/hdd (/dev/hdd is my cdrom)

These don't "go away" like the others do, IME.


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