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Re: configuring ppp and lan

Marty wrote:
richard@the-place.net wrote:
I'm finally beginning to have some internet here in the Appennine alps.
No land line so I have acquired a usb gsm modem. (To be truthful, I
still don't know if it will work at the house which also has no mobile
signal, but I have a directional antenna with a 10dB gain that may fix

To the point.  Trying it out where there is a gsm signal, I have got ppp
running, but cannot configure the box with the modem so that both the
LAN and the PPP work at the same time.

Have you consulted any of the Debian networking Howtos? If not, that should probably be your next step. All the Howtos can be installed as a deb package,

And what is that package?


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