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Re: No sound with KDE


On 11/26/06, M-L <rose_snug@bigpond.com > wrote:

I hate to ask this, but did you reboot the computer after you did all these
things. I know that sounds very other O/Sish, but it will restart certain
processes that might then pick up on the changes you've made.


OK, I tried it now, but didn't work...  In fact, after reboot the sound was not working (even before KDE).  As usual, "alsaconf" fixed it.

BUT, I've found that another user, logging in KDE did not cause the problem.  I compared the KDE sound settings and the only difference was that it had "run highest possible priority" checked.  I tried to do this and did not help...

Then, since it seemed to be a problem of users config files, I moved .kde and .kderc to .kde.old and .kderc.old, and restarted KDE.  I then was prompted for configuration when restarting KDE.  But it did not work...  (I did run "alsaconf" before starting KDE again.)

Then, I moved .kderc.old and .kde.old to their original "places".  Much to my surprise, most of my old configuration was lost (background, key bidings, etc.), but now sound works...

So, I haven't figure out what the problem was, I just have to hope it won't happen again...  and now I have to redo all my desktop configuration...  (Does any one know why backing up .kde and .kderc did not work?  Are there other files?)



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