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HP Deskjet 648C using USB won`t work


I've an HP Deskjet 648C printer.  There are both parallel and USB interfaces on the printer.  I've been using it on the parallel interface using CUPS.  I now want that parallel interface for a parallel only printer.  The Deskjet I want to move to USB.

The printer works fine in Ubuntu 5.10, but it is not detected in Debian 3.1, lsusb shows nothing.  So I can`t even get to configuring it in CUPS.

Might this be related to a USB expansion card I added a while back.  Before that, the only USB was the USB1.1 on the mother board.  I was running a USB scanner fine with a USB 1.1 connection.  However, since installing the expansion card to get USB 2.0, the scanner has been undetectable under Debian 3.1, but is detected by Ubuntu 5.10.

I have everything in the kernel, I think.  The expansion card works fine; I regularly use a card reader and USB pen-drives in it.  I've also compiled in support for USB printers.  Anyone know any documents I can read to help solve this?  I don`t seem to be able to find much of use on the 'Net when I've googled for usb printing problems under Linux.

Any suggestions welcome.


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