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Licensing (GFDL)


I'm _ordinary_ user of *Free* operating system, full name of which is

I hope you know, what Debian is. Just in case:

What's DFSG? It's a way to apply real-life rules. It's much more that
just to have a license in src directory and copyright note in every source
file. Meet users of your software, it's Stallman's "write down your modified
version of recipe and share it with your friends".

What's result? Result is the most widely supported hardware architectures
ever, the biggest repository of *maintained* packages. It just works: on
servers and desktops (Debian), live (Knoppix and clones), it's host of
new generation of distributions (Ubuntu and clones). Fair enough!

Thus, you see, how Debian Free Software Guidelines led GNU+Linux to its
users. Commercial distribution creators are far behind. Yes, some of them
are playing significant role in software development, but i'm saying
about quality of distribution here. That is next step, they realized.
New brands: fedora, open*, free*, appeared. Non of which may be
compared to the Free GNU+Linux Operating System Debian.

Even Gentoo distribution turned to be just in one debian's packet called
apt-build. Close your windows and you will see real Debian !

Debian+HURD, Debian+kfreebsd. Yes, and it works.

Hell, what i'm talking about?!!!

,--*- shell -*-
|olecom@flower:~$ nc fsfe.org 22
|SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_3.8.1p1 Debian-8.sarge.4
(gnu.org, fsf.org currently down to check them)

So, why i'm here? I'm asking for help, Force to meet Freedom. Developers
of my OS fail to meet freedoms. They were proposing changes to GFDL v1.2,
that could led documentation of some programs to be Free, DFSG Free.
See my footer of nonsense FSF brought to proved Free Software Project.
Less that one screen page of whole section 4 here
will give you an idea what small changes are bringing down all FSF and
GNU Project on this stage.

o Forcing one GNU+Linux Operating System to be unable to develope, will
  led to unusable GNU Project.

o Forcing people not to have DFSG Free documentation will bring more
  problems to RMS and his propaganda and brainwashing.

This cost of Freedom is too high. Freedom to be free even from yourself
is very big deal.

Without new users, who can freely (debian/main) get and read manuals
(currently!) of most comprehensive development tools, Debian will R.I.P.
I can't find more words for that, what will happen.

I'm pretty sure my note "currently" must give you a *big fat warning*.

o main longterm glibc maintainer was forced to change license;
o copyrights assigments in GCC lead some people not to contribute really
  new and useful stuff;
o absence of license flexibility lead Linus Torvalds to write C
  front-end from scratch; and this guy really shows, us how to live
  with GNU GPLv2 in small scale of huge project of The Linux Kernel.

I bet he can write C compiler from ground, just for fun. And there
will be people on his size, note git source management system.
Pray he will use Fedora Core further, not Debian.

+ I'm personally using jed editor now, and i can see, how it can become
  GNU Emacs killer (among others, of course).

+ GNU make. `apt-cache search make build | grep -i make` in debian/main.

Please don't dig *your* grave.

[ initially i've put only "FTF" e-mail, but it archives are restricted,]
[ so, i'm adding "discussion"   e-mail to Cc list.                     ]

-o--=O`C  info emacs : not found  /. .\ ( is there any reason to live? )
 #oo'L O  info make  : not found      o (R.I.P. Debian Operating System)
<___=E M  man gcc    : not found    .-- (          TNX, RMS.           )

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