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Mount ext2/ext3 as specific user at system start?

I seem to be hitting dead ends and I'm beginning to think this isn't as
easy as I first thought.

I am putting together a box for unattended operation.  I want to mount
an ext3 partition into the main user's home directory, I want this to
occur automatically when all file systems are mounted at system start
via /etc/fstab and I want the partition and all its contents owned by
that user.  The user will not be logging in as the account is used to
run a cron job.

This seems easy enough if I make the partition vfat with the uid and
gid mount options, but I lose the journalling and permissions
capabilities of ext3.  Surely, there is a way to do this or a very good
technical explanation why it can't.  ;-)

        +partition          <= owned by user like any other directory

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