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Re: Is a kernel upgrade necessary ?

Douglas Tutty wrote:
I've just done almost exactly the same thing as you are contemplating (upgraded to sarge, then from 2.2.20idepci to 2.6.8-3-386). I used aptitude to install the new kernel and seemingly everything went well, but when I rebooted, it gets to the boot message "Starting periodic command scheduler: cron" and then it hangs. I am trying to figure this one out right now. My advice is to make absolutely sure you create a boot disk using your old 2.2.20, otherwise you might be screwed; come to think of it, if the same thing happens to you, you might be screwed anyway as you're doing things remotely.

When you say it hangs, does it kernel-panic?  If so, you can tell the
kernel to reboot after a delay instead of just sitting there.
No kernel-panic, it just stops at the end of the line and doesn't accept any further keyboard input.

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