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Re: What is this in my syslog????????

> My system is secure and in full stealth mode according to http://www.grc.com

I cannot comment on your very strange log messages, but just as a side
note: there is no such thing as "stealth mode" on the internet. Either
your system behaves standards compliant and rejects connections on every
port at which it doesn't offer a service (which is most probably what
you want), or it just sits still, pretending it is not there at all.
While this may sound like an advantage over an attacker compared to the
other option, it isn't in any way better. The reason is that routers at
your ISP would tell an attacker if your computer really wasn't connected
(which is perfectly normal, expected and standards compliant behaviour),
so pretending not to be there is out of your control. On the other hand,
the internet is solely built on all participating systems behaving
according to standards (RfCs). Diverging from the standards may break
existing or future services.

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