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ide (hd) vs. scsi (sd) sata drive detection on generic install (libata ?)


I did  a generic  Debian Sarge installation  on a Dell  Inspiron e1505
laptop which uses a Serial  ATA Hitachi HTS541080G9SA disk drive.  The
installation works, but I wanted to upgrade the X driver to fglrx.  So
I downloaded that driver from  ATI and downloaded a fresh kernel image
2.6.19-xx  at this  time.   It  seems like  the  2.6.19 kernel  should
recognize the  disk as  a SCSI drive  (sda) using the  libata drivers.
But the generic debian installation  created the drives as an ide type
drive (hda).

Is there a  way to have the generic  Debian installation recognize the
SATA drive  as a SCSI device?   Or should the  2.6.19 kernel recognize
the drive as and IDE device?

I think as a  work around I can upgrade to the  fglrx kernel module on
the existing  setup without upgrading  the kernel by using  the debian
kernel source package.

Thanks  in advance for  any suggestions  to paths  for upgrading  to a
newer  2.6.XX  kernel  using  libata  which  boots  without  using  an



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