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Documentation wrapper

Hi all,

Is there any console tool that allows the user to access easily to the
documentation of any package? For example, if I am working with
python-matplotlib (a matlab-like python plotting system) and I want to
read its main documentation, already installed in my box (package:
python-matplotlib-doc), is it possible to do something like

 $ helpwrapper matplotlib

to start viewing the contents of

The wrapper should launch the appropriate viewer depending on the
format of the documentation (a browser for docs in .html, xpdf for
docs in PDF, etc.)

For those who work with tetex, note that I am asking for something
very similar to the command 'texdoc', which searches for the name
provided as argument in the TeX tree and shows its documentation with
the suitable viewer:

 $ texdoc booktabs

my apologies if this question has already been raised before.

Thanks a lot for your attention,


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