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Re: Unofficial Firefox packages?

46kmz5j02@sneakemail.com wrote:

On 2006-11-01, Marc Shapiro <mshapiro_42@yahoo.com> wrote:
Zbigniew Wiech wrote:

If you mean FF 2.0, it is in experimental.
That's 2.0-beta2, which the add-on I'm trying refuses to install on.
I'm also intrested in FF2 since it is officially released now.
Is there an ETA into Debian?
It would be too bad if political/license stuff prevents
"normal/unstable users" to move to FF2.0.
regards David.
Why do you need debpackaged FF2.0 ?

Tar available on mozilla.org includes binaries that "just works" on my old sarge. You have only to unpack whole /firefox directory to your disc.
Does this interfere with the debian package of Firefox in Sarge, or can they both be run simultaneously?
How do you move the settings and bookmarks from the old debian package install of Firefox to the new FF2 installed from the firefox-2.0.tar.gz? The debian installed version puts files all over the place, so I'm not sure what to move(or copy) and
where to put it.
I DL'd the tarball to my home directory and then untarred it. It creates a 'firefox' directory. I ran firefox from my home directory with 'firefox/firefox' and it picked up all of my bookmarks, history, etc. with no problems. After a few tests, and my wife saying she tried it at work and really liked it, I moved the firefox directory to /usr/lib/ and changed usr/bin/firefox to point to /usr/lib/firefox/firefox. Now it 'just works.' I can run the debian version of firefox by invoking 'mozilla-firefox' and the new version with 'firefox.' But you can't run both at the same time.

Marc Shapiro

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