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Re: timezone and clock error

On 2006-11-02, Dean Allen Provins wrote:
> Hello:
> It seems that the PC clocks here in Alberta are still on daylight
> savings time.  This is odd as Alberta's clocks switched back last
> weekend.
> /etc/timezone contains:
> Canada/Mountain
> Anyone know how to fix them?

If it really is, then check last timezone update in the Glibc (libc6),
then file bug report, if even most recent version has errors.
(Note, that Debian is using relatevely old glibc, but libc maintainers
are trying to backport and update it, of course).

But just to have correct local time, you may use tzselect and specify
time offset directly:
|olecom@flower:~$ export TZ='UTC-1'
|olecom@flower:~$ date
|Fri Nov  3 17:41:20 UTC 2006
|olecom@flower:~$ date -R
|Fri, 03 Nov 2006 17:41:38 +0100
(Note, TZ value is set up by how many hours Universal Time is ahead (or
back), but `date' shows how many hours you must add to Universal Time
to get your local one).

> Regards,
> Dean
> in Calgary

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