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Re: hi..i need ur help

Side note: next time, please choose your subject line and the
mailinglist to which you're sending your email more carefully. I
*almost* filed this message as spam.

I'd say questions such as this one would belong on the debian-user
mailinglist, not debian-project. Please send any replies there.

On Fri, Nov 03, 2006 at 12:23:20AM +0800, meisam sarabadani wrote:
> dear sir
> my name is Meisam, Im majoring at Information System Engineering (IT), in
> MMU university in malaysia, its been a long time ive been using Ubuntu since
> last year...im ganna change it to debian and i know ubuntu is debian base,
> and they are so similar to each other, i was wondering if u could evaluate
> debian and compare it with ubuntu and also tell me is it a good idea to
> swith to debian from ubuntu?

The most important difference between Ubuntu and Debian lies in the fact
that Ubuntu has time-based releases, whereas Debian chooses to release
when it's ready; even now when we have been trying to be more
predictable in our release cycle, there is still the promise that we'll
only release in December if we are indeed 'ready'. Debian also releases
far less often than Ubuntu.

'Ready' mostly means that we're free of bugs for as much as is possible.
It is an unfortunate fact that as a direct consequence of their release
process, an average Ubuntu release has a bit more bugs than does Debian.

On the other hand, Debian needs more time to do a release, and our
default installations tend have less cutting-edge features than is
usually the case for Ubuntu. If you want to have the latest and greatest
of everything, then Debian may not be what you want; but if you were
happy with the features in your Dapper installation, then you should be
able to reproduce this in the upcoming etch release.

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