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Re: starting letter in latex

Russell L. Harris wrote:

> roberto wrote:
>> Hello everyone
>> i am writing my thesis and i am trying to let the first letter of each
>> Chapter to be larger than the others, more exactely to span over two
>> lines. This is frequent in some book styled papers.
>> Do you know how to achieve it?
>> I looked for it into some latex guide but nothing...
> I think that you need to use LaTeX boxes for this.  Perhaps someone has
> written a LaTeX package to make the task easier.
> I consider the best LaTeX guide to be Kopka & Daly, "A Guide to LaTeX",
> ISBN 0-201-39825-7.

A hearty second for this recommendation.  I still (some 6 years later)
consider this to be some of the best 30 bucks I ever spent.  This small
investment forever freed me from the need to use those awful word
processors.  I suppose they've made some significant progress in the past
few years, but I also suppose that the support for equation formatting is
still terrible.

Anyway, I also recommend picking up this book if you plan on doing anything
significant in LaTeX.

Steve Juranich
Tucson, AZ

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