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Re: reading MS word files

On Thu, Nov 02, 2006 at 10:15:47AM +0100, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:

> I get angry every time, I have to explain to someone that it is not true 
> that the computer is at risk, because of the unavailability of virus 
> updates as long as the computer is not connected to any network (the 
> reason why no updates are available) and as long as noone tempers with 
> 'untrusted' floppies, usb-sticks etc. [1]

The popup actually says that the computer "may be" at risk, which is true.

Considering that un-updated Windows XP boxes can get a Trojan installed
literally within minutes of being connected to the Internet, I don't see
that as misleading.
Carl Fink                                 carl@finknetwork.com
If you attempt to fix something that isn't broken, it will be.
        -Bruce Tognazzini

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