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Re: GPL Parental Controls

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On 11/01/06 15:48, Mark Grieveson wrote:
> That can work effectively.  I set up something like this for clients in
> a homeless shelter a while ago.  To prevent people changing the
> preferences in Mozilla (or Firefox), from the local host proxy, to
> direct internet connection, I locked this feature in Mozilla.  See
> http://www.alain.knaff.lu/howto/MozillaCustomization/locked.html for
> details how to do this.  Also, check out the thread where I was
> struggling with this issue, at
> http://oldsite.debianhelp.org/module-pnForum-viewtopic-topic-9774-highlight-shelter.html
> Basically, create a mozilla.cfg from the first site I mentioned, and
> then edit the /etc/mozilla/prefs.js file.  I can't recall the exact
> details, unfortunately, and the thread doesn't mention them either.  
> But, I did get enough clues from that forum thread to figure it out. 
> Assuming you've no other browser besides Mozilla or Firefox, then the
> proxy with Dansguardian will be locked in.

And does
    ~/.mozilla/firefox/<blah>/prefs.js ?

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