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Re: reading MS word files

Douglas Tutty wrote:
Douglas Tutty wrote:
I understand that to __edit__ MS word files, the only fully functional
option is OpenOffice.

However, to just read properly .doc files that people email me thinking
that its the only format around, what works?  I need not just the text
but collumns, tables, images, the works.

Is there a way to convert them to PS and view with gv?

I see from the descripton on debian's web page that Lyx (which I think
is a GUI for LaTex) can inport MS Word.  For writing documents, I'm
thinking of switching from Lout to LaTex, it wouldn't be much of a
stretch to add Lyx.  You see, I can look on debian's web pages and in
the package descriptions but few package descriptions say something like
"this package only does basic stuff, for full capabilities use xxx".

How good is Lyx at reading/viewing MS word files, including all
formatting and images?


shouldn't know. never used it: but, i am interested.


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