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Re: What's your favourite FLOSS?

On 10/31/06, Miles Bader <miles@gnu.org> wrote:
"Tshepang Lekhonkhobe" <tshepang@gmail.com> writes:
> Sound like a brilliant idea. I just don't have an idea how it would be
> implemented, except that there should be provision for names of real
> binaries, instead of names of debian binaries, e.g. one should be able
> to mention a love for top instead of being forced to choose procps,

You're definitely going to need some a "canonicalization list",
which maps various alternative names to some canonical name.

Probably needs a lot of hand-tweaking too... people use weird
abbreviations etc. (e.g., "oowriter", "OOo", "openoffice", "OOo-writer",

Worst case was when one entry stated 'tbird' for 'thunderbird'. How
this could work is that typing on the keyboard wouldn't be allowed,
except for packages not available in Debian, something like a dropdown
list where all known entries are shown for specific categories.
Unfortunately the list will be looong, for example for text editor,
but one could just type a specific letter to jump to the desired
entry, as is common on the web for stuff like 'which country are you

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