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Re: Slow Firefox

On 10/30/06, celejar <celejar@gmail.com> wrote:
On 10/30/06, Edward Guldemond <edward.guldemond@gmail.com> wrote:
> How much RAM do you have in your system?  In my expreience, Firefox
> takes more memory than Opera does.
> --
> Ed

My Firefox (1.5 on Sid) is really, really slow (startup, getting /
rendering pages, and even things like displaying the prefs screen) and
frequently (generally whenever it's doing anything interesting, as
above) raises cpu usage to 100%, but I'm running on a 475 mhz k6 with
192 MB SDRAM. OTOH, total system memory usage is usually less than 150
MB, so memory doesn't seem to be the bottleneck. I haven't tried
Opera, but from my brief trials of Epiphany it doesn't seem much
better. Not sure about Konquerer; KDE isn't currently installed.

Firefox 1.5 for Linux is slow on modern processors as well (frequent
100% CPU usage).  Give Seamonkey a try.  It's not in Etch yet, but
just copy to /usr/local/ to install it.

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