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Upgrade to Apache2

With the update to Apache2 in Testing, I got bit by a couple of things.

The first issue is discussed in bug 392701.  I have websvn installed and am 
getting an error on AuthUserFile.  I have both authz_host.load and 
authz_user.load linked in my mods-enabled directory.  What other modules do I 
need to support AuthUserFile?

Second, my son runs his Football Fantasy League on my server.  He creates his 
pages in MS Word (no comments please!  I'm working on it! :-) , saves them as 
a word page and FTPs them to the site.  Since the upgrade, lots of 
punctuation characters (tacs, apostrophes, etc.) are showing up as inverted 
question marks.  These pages were fine before the update.  Is Apache using a 
different codepage or something now?  Can I switch back?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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