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Kprinter and Postscript

At my company, we have a server called a Fax*Star.  This server runs on 
Windows XP and shares a virtual printer via SMB.  The Windows driver used 
is 'Generic / Text Only' and does not accept any Postscript jobs.  I'm trying 
to send a text file to this printer using CUPS/KDE3.5/Etch using the 
textonly.ppd driver from a Fedora package.

The problem I'm running into is that every KDE application seems to print it's 
output as postscript which will not work with this virtual printer.  I have 
found that using the command 

lpr -P FaxStar -h -l  textfile.txt

works.  I decided to try setting up a virtual printer with KDE's Printer 
Manager to send the output to this command, but it fails because the output 
from the KDE application (in this case KWrite) 

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