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Re: how to get wine 64 ?

> > > im runing debian unstable 64 .
> > > i tried to compile wine but i got some erors (it aint the issue here) .
> > > did anyone created a package for 64 bit ?
> > > or know where can i get it ?
> Isn't there a way to either chroot wine in a separate i386 minimal
> install or otherwise emulate i386 for wine to use while everything else
> is 64 bit?
> Perhaps someone on the specific 64 bit mailing list has ideas?  You
> don't indicate what 64 bit (e.g. amd64?).

The very subject was on lists for another
operating system. Wine is not 64 bit clean.
Seems that there is no interess to develope
it further.
The solution could be to have head-less box
somewhere in the house. On old hardware, con-
nected to router or whatever. Ssh could make
it through just as you are on the box.
As time goes by, need for wine declines. There
must be something similar or better on the


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