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Re: Broken 'KDE su' ?

Þann 2006-10-28, 00:52:47 (+0200) skrifaði Bruno Costacurta:
> Hello,
> I cannot validate root password when using a 'KDE su' (meaning ie. cannot 
> start synaptic from the KDE menu under a non-root account)
> However the same root password is accepted via other way, ie. 'su root' typed 
> in a normal user console
> Something broken with my 'KDE su' as it was working previously ?
> Keyboard setup mismatch ?
> Hard to check 'KDE su' character map as characters are (logically) hidden.

Are you sure it is su and not sudo that is running synaptic?
Have you tried giving your user password instead of the root password?



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