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Re: What kernel when etch becomes stable?

John Graves <jhgraves@ddi-wans.com> wrote:

> With the impending move of etch to stable, I have a question on how to
> do the upgrade.   I am running sarge with the 2.4.25-1-386 kernel.  I
> understand that etch requires the 2.6.x kernel.  This would imply that I
> have a kernel upgrade in my future.  Do I want to do that upgrade on
> sarge?  Will that allow me use my package manager to do the etch upgrade
> by setting my source list to stable rather than sarge?

I think etch's release notes will cover this situation. IMHO it doesn't
make much difference as the sarge kernel doesn't require udev, while the
ones in etch do.

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