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Re: Multiple firewall profiles with shorewall

celejar <celejar@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I use shorewall to create a local (personal) firewall on my sid
> machine. I have a wireless nic which is sometimes connected to my
> private wireless network which I control and can secure (with WPA or
> WPA2), and sometimes to other networks which are insecure (eg. airport
> hotspot). I use ifscheme to manage the different network
> configurations, and I obviously have different security assumptions
> about the two situations. What is the standard way to have shorewall
> treat the two situations differently? I'm using the Madwifi driver, so
> a simple trick is to simply bring up the card as ath0 on the private
> network and ath1 on the public network and to write shorewall config
> files accordingly, but this is a bit of a kludge and not portable to
> other drivers.
> The most straightforward technique I can think of is to call pre-up
> scripts in /etc/network/interfaces that will manipulate the shorewall
> config files (eg. modify /etc/shorewall/zones , policy, and/or rules)
> but I'm wondering if there's a more standard way to do this - it seems
> like a fairly common requirement.

Maybe this helps (from 'man shorewall'):

       Shorewall’s zones can be altered dynamically:

       add <interface>[:host] <zone>
              Adds the specified interface (and host if included) to the specified zone.

       del <interface>[:host] <zone>
              Deletes the specified interface (and host if included) from the specified zone.

Then make two small scripts that moves the interface ath0 from net to a net2
zone and back, called by ifscheme (if it can do that). AFAICT the scripts would
have to be run as root, so you might have to use sudo.

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