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Re: How to cut/crop a part of a PDF file

> >   
> >> Scribus is probably your best bet for actually importing a PDF in any
> >> friendly way -- I think they were at least working on that, not sure if it
> >> is really usable
> >>     
> >
> > Hmm... never heard of it.  Looks interesting.  I don't know how to make it
> > read PDF, tho.
> >

Coming in late here! 

1) In Scribus, you will want to make a graphic frame in a new document.
On the button bar is a button with what looks to me to be green grass,
blue sky and some mountains. Hover the mouse pointer over that button
and Scribus should pop up a "Insert Picture". Can't describe that
better, sorry.

2) Use the mouse to make a frame.

3) Right click inside the frame and select Get picture

4) Find your PDF.

5) The graphic frame can be resized to only show the stuff you want to

6) Copy this to a new Scribus document.

7) Click File, Export, Save page to eps.

And you are done!

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