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Re: How to cut/crop a part of a PDF file

On Thu, Oct 26, 2006 at 12:57:21PM -0400, Matthew Krauss wrote:
} Stefan Monnier wrote:
} >What tool can I use to extract some part of a pdf file?
} >In kpdf, I can copy a piece of the PDF image and save it, but it's only
} >saved as a bitmap, whereas I'd like to keep it in vector form.
} >
} >        Stefan
} You don't ask much, do you?
} <theory>
} AFAIK: PDF is not strictly speaking a vector-graphics format.  It is a 
} subset of Postscript, which is actually a programming language for 
} drawing documents.  It is designed for output, not input or editing.  
} Therefor, it is *very* hard to convert from PDF to a structured document 
} format.
} </theory>
} If anyone knows any better tools then these, I want to know!

There is a tool, pstoedit, for (nearly) exactly this purpose. It converts
PS or PDF files into a variety of vector formats. The least lossy
are probably xfig and SVG. Once you have it in an editable vector format
you can use an appropriate editor to extract the pieces you want and export
to whatever format you need.

} Regards,
} Matthew

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