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Re: virtual hosts problem - images not displaying

I saw that in the httpd.conf file, and I added a <Directory 
/var/www/yourwebsite.com/images></Directory> to include the client's images
directory. (I added this under the default <Directory
/usr/share/images></Directory> directive.) However, it didn't help. Should I remove the
image alias directive altogether (everything from and including "Alias
/images/" to the closing </IfModule>), or should I remove or modify the
default <Directory /usr/share/images></Directory> so it lists just my
client's image directory?


Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar@fantomas.sk> wrote:
On 24.10.06 14:37, HomeNet NW wrote:
> Hi. I have a really strange problem. I have a virtual host on my Debian
> Sarge web server. The web pages come up fine, but the images won't if the
> image directory is named "images." It can be named anything else,
> including "Images", but not "images". Unfortunately, this is a new
> customer, and he has already built his site. He does not want to, nor
> should he have to, go back and change his HTML. Interestingly, none of my
> other customers have named their image directories "images."
> Has anyone else seen this, and if so, how did you resolve it? Apache
> 1.3.3, Debian Sarge.

you probably have

Alias /images/ /

in main server config which is inherited by the virtual host.
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