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Re: Compiling a Nvidia module [was Re: Compiling a kernel]

* Chris Bannister (mockingbird@ihug.co.nz) wrote:
> Apparently the binary installer from NVidia messes with the libraries on
> the system and is not the recommended method for installing.
> Read http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/Debian-nVidia/
> The Debian way is certainly a lot easier. Now where has that nvidia-glx
> package gone?

Well, that is exactly the problem.  I tried several times initially to
install it via apt but it could never do it.  IIRC, there was no
nvidia-glx package and so it would not install.  This was a test of an
installation BTW which ended up being only temporary.  When I finally
committed and gave over my main partition to Debian I decided to
simply try it the old fashioned way and see how it went.  So far so
good, though I expect that may change at any time.  Many thanks for
the howto though.  The next time I compile a kernel I will try it the
Debian way, just to see how I perhaps messed up the first time.


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