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Re: Security updates - slight confusion

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On 10/24/06 06:30, Ken Walker wrote:
> I'm getting a little confused about security updates
> I'm using Debian stable and daily do the apt-get update/upgrade.
> But when a package has a security update, do i have to start/stop specific
> applications.
> Like today, Python was updated due to a security fix.
> Is there any application i have to start/stop or does the apt-get update
> refresh all using applications.
> How would i know what to start stop as regards Python.
> The machine in question is a file server and not the sort of thing i would
> like to reboot on every update.

apt-get will restart any Debianized daemons (exim, postfix,
smbd/nmbd, etc, etc, ad nauseum).

All non-Debianized daemons and interactive apps will have to be
manually restarted.

lib* upgrades (*probably*) also require manually restarting
dependent apps.  libc6 upgrades pretty much require a machine
bounce, since so much other stuff requires it.

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