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Gourmet Canned Butter and Canned Cheese

Dear Food Supplier,

We are pleased to announce that high quality Canned Butter from New Zealand and Kraft Canned Cheese from Australia are now available for wholesale and retail purchase in the US.

This canned butter is preservative and additive free – just pasteurized cream and salt, that’s it!  You’ll be amazed at the great taste and quality – and because it is canned, it is shelf stable so no refrigeration is required.  Perfect for gift baskets, gourmet grocery store shelves and catalog/mail order.  It will last for years without taking up space in the refrigerator!

The Kraft Canned Cheese is also shelf stable – and it is actually REAL cheese!  It comes out of the can as a solid mini-wheel.  It doesn’t quiver, run or fall apart, just like any high quality deli cheese.  It’s perfect for grating, slicing or cubing, and melts just like any other real cheese.

Please visit our website at www.MREwholesalers.com for more detailed information on both products and to request a price quote and be sure to see our recent press release at http://www.mrewholesalers.com/images/Press_Release_Red_Feather_Butter_080906.pdf.




Steven CyrosVice President, Sales  
942 Calle Amanecer, Suite B
San Clemente, CA  92675
Direct: 949-366-9484  

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