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RE: Bricolage (1.8.9) is very slow on Debian Etch beta 3 release

David E. Wheeler wrote:
> It'd be useful to know what changed fixed it.

I believe I started with the Etch beta 3 release, so it's something
between then and yesterday.  A list of what I have installed follows
FYI.  (I don't know how to obtain the version number for individual


2006-10-15 18:52:51 root@p3800 ~
# dpkg --get-selections
acpid                                           install
adduser                                         install
apache-common                                   install
apache-doc                                      install
apache-perl                                     install
apache2-utils                                   install
apt                                             install
apt-utils                                       install
aptitude                                        install
at                                              install
base-files                                      install
base-passwd                                     install
bash                                            install
bastille                                        install
bc                                              install
bin86                                           install
bind9-host                                      install
binutils                                        install
bison                                           install
bricolage                                       install
bricolage-cms                                   install
bricolage-db                                    install
bsdmainutils                                    install
bsdutils                                        install
busybox                                         install
console-common                                  install
console-data                                    install
console-tools                                   install
coreutils                                       install
cpio                                            install
cpp                                             install
cpp-4.1                                         install
cron                                            install
cvs                                             install
dc                                              install
debconf                                         install
debconf-i18n                                    install
debian-archive-keyring                          install
debianutils                                     install
dhcp-client                                     install
dictionaries-common                             install
diff                                            install
dmidecode                                       install
dnsutils                                        install
doc-debian                                      install
doc-linux-text                                  install
dpkg                                            install
dpkg-dev                                        install
dselect                                         install
e2fslibs                                        install
e2fsprogs                                       install
ed                                              install
eject                                           install
exim4                                           install
exim4-base                                      install
exim4-config                                    install
exim4-daemon-light                              install
file                                            install
findutils                                       install
finger                                          install
flex                                            install
ftp                                             install
g++                                             install
g++-4.1                                         install
gcc                                             install
gcc-4.1                                         install
gcc-4.1-base                                    install
gdb                                             install
gettext-base                                    install
gnu-efi                                         install
gnupg                                           install
grep                                            install
groff-base                                      install
grub                                            install
gzip                                            install
hdparm                                          install
hostname                                        install
iamerican                                       install
ibritish                                        install
ifupdown                                        install
info                                            install
initramfs-tools                                 install
initscripts                                     install
installation-report                             install
iptables                                        install
iputils-ping                                    install
ispell                                          install
klibc-utils                                     install
klogd                                           install
laptop-detect                                   install
less                                            install
libacl1                                         install
libalgorithm-diff-perl                          install
libapache-mod-perl                              install
libapache-request-perl                          install
libapache-session-perl                          install
libapr0                                         install
libapt-pkg-perl                                 install
libattr1                                        install
libbind9-0                                      install
libblkid1                                       install
libbric-perl                                    install
libbz2-1.0                                      install
libc6                                           install
libc6-amd64                                     install
libc6-dev                                       install
libcache-cache-perl                             install
libcache-mmap-perl                              install
libcap1                                         install
libclass-container-perl                         install
libclass-data-inheritable-perl                  install
libcomerr2                                      install
libcompress-zlib-perl                           install
libconfig-inifiles-perl                         install
libconsole                                      install
libconvert-binhex-perl                          install
libcrypt-ssleay-perl                            install
libcurses-perl                                  install
libdb4.2                                        install
libdb4.3                                        install
libdb4.4                                        install
libdbd-pg-perl                                  install
libdbi-perl                                     install
libdevel-stacktrace-perl                        install
libdevel-symdump-perl                           install
libdevmapper1.02                                install
libdigest-sha1-perl                             install
libdns21                                        install
libedit2                                        install
liberror-perl                                   install
libevent1                                       install
libexception-class-perl                         install
libexpat1                                       install
libfcgi-perl                                    install
libgc1c2                                        install
libgcc1                                         install
libgcrypt11                                     install
libgdbm3                                        install
libgnutls11                                     install
libgnutls12                                     install
libgnutls13                                     install
libgpg-error0                                   install
libgpmg1                                        install
libgssapi2                                      install
libhtml-mason-perl                              install
libhtml-parser-perl                             install
libhtml-tagset-perl                             install
libhtml-tree-perl                               install
libhttp-browserdetect-perl                      install
libident                                        install
libidn11                                        install
libimage-base-bundle-perl                       install
libimage-info-perl                              install
libio-socket-ssl-perl                           install
libio-string-perl                               install
libio-stringy-perl                              install
libipc-sharelite-perl                           install
libisc11                                        install
libisccc0                                       install
libisccfg1                                      install
libklibc                                        install
libkrb53                                        install
libldap-2.3-0                                   install
libldap2                                        install
liblocale-gettext-perl                          install
liblockfile1                                    install
liblwres9                                       install
liblzo1                                         install
liblzo2-2                                       install
libmagic1                                       install
libmailtools-perl                               install
libmasonx-interp-withcallbacks-perl             install
libmime-lite-perl                               install
libmime-perl                                    install
libmldbm-perl                                   install
libncurses5                                     install
libncursesw5                                    install
libnet-daemon-perl                              install
libnet-ssleay-perl                              install
libnewt0.52                                     install
libnfsidmap2                                    install
libnss-db                                       install
libopencdk8                                     install
libossp-uuid-perl                               install
libossp-uuid13                                  install
libpam-modules                                  install
libpam-runtime                                  install
libpam0g                                        install
libparams-callbackrequest-perl                  install
libparams-validate-perl                         install
libpcre3                                        install
libperl5.8                                      install
libplrpc-perl                                   install
libpopt0                                        install
libpq3                                          install
libpq4                                          install
libreadline5                                    install
librpcsecgss3                                   install
libsasl2                                        install
libselinux1                                     install
libsepol1                                       install
libsigc++-1.2-5c2                               install
libsigc++-2.0-0c2a                              install
libslang2                                       install
libsoap-lite-perl                               install
libss2                                          install
libssl0.9.8                                     install
libssp0                                         install
libstdc++6                                      install
libstdc++6-4.1-dev                              install
libsub-uplevel-perl                             install
libtasn1-2                                      install
libtasn1-3                                      install
libtasn1-3-bin                                  install
libterm-readkey-perl                            install
libtest-class-perl                              install
libtest-differences-perl                        install
libtest-exception-perl                          install
libtext-charwidth-perl                          install
libtext-diff-perl                               install
libtext-english-perl                            install
libtext-iconv-perl                              install
libtext-wrapi18n-perl                           install
libtextwrap1                                    install
libtimedate-perl                                install
libunix-syslog-perl                             install
liburi-perl                                     install
libusb-0.1-4                                    install
libuuid1                                        install
libvolume-id0                                   install
libwrap0                                        install
libwww-perl                                     install
libxml-libxml-common-perl                       install
libxml-libxml-perl                              install
libxml-namespacesupport-perl                    install
libxml-parser-perl                              install
libxml-sax-perl                                 install
libxml-simple-perl                              install
libxml-writer-perl                              install
libxml2                                         install
linux-image-2.6-686                             install
linux-image-2.6.16-2-686                        install
linux-kernel-headers                            install
locales                                         install
localization-config                             install
login                                           install
logrotate                                       install
lpr                                             install
lsb-base                                        install
lsof                                            install
m4                                              install
mailx                                           install
make                                            install
makedev                                         install
man-db                                          install
manpages                                        install
manpages-dev                                    install
mawk                                            install
mime-support                                    install
mktemp                                          install
module-init-tools                               install
modutils                                        install
mount                                           install
mpack                                           install
mtools                                          install
mtr-tiny                                        install
mutt                                            install
nano                                            install
ncurses-base                                    install
ncurses-bin                                     install
ncurses-term                                    install
net-tools                                       install
netbase                                         install
netcat                                          install
netkit-inetd                                    install
nfs-common                                      install
nvi                                             install
openbsd-inetd                                   install
openssh-client                                  install
openssh-server                                  install
openssl                                         install
passwd                                          install
patch                                           install
perl                                            install
perl-base                                       install
perl-modules                                    install
perlindex                                       install
pidentd                                         install
popularity-contest                              install
portmap                                         install
postgresql                                      install
postgresql-7.4                                  install
postgresql-client                               install
postgresql-client-7.4                           install
postgresql-client-common                        install
postgresql-common                               install
procmail                                        install
procps                                          install
python                                          install
python-central                                  install
python-minimal                                  install
python-newt                                     install
python2.3                                       install
python2.4                                       install
python2.4-minimal                               install
readline-common                                 install
reportbug                                       install
sed                                             install
sharutils                                       install
ssh                                             install
ssl-cert                                        install
strace                                          install
sysklogd                                        install
sysv-rc                                         install
sysvinit                                        install
tar                                             install
tasksel                                         install
tasksel-data                                    install
tcpd                                            install
tcsh                                            install
telnet                                          install
texinfo                                         install
time                                            install
traceroute                                      install
tzdata                                          install
ucf                                             install
udev                                            install
usbutils                                        install
util-linux                                      install
vim                                             install
vim-common                                      install
vim-runtime                                     install
vim-tiny                                        install
w3m                                             install
wamerican                                       install
wget                                            install
whiptail                                        install
whois                                           install
zlib1g                                          install

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