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Re: Linux and Newest Hardware

Grok Mogger wrote:

> I am under the impression that generally Linux is not guaranteed to run on
> the newest hardware.

That goes with any OS:  Right now, you're probably going to find better luck
getting things to run in Windows 2000 than Windows Vista, for example.

> For example, if I buy a brand new model of computer from Dell, one that's 
> only recently started being sold, can I really be sure that Linux is going 
> to detect all of my hardware properly?  

Linux handles highly integrated systems with ease these days, odds are it's
supported whether or not you know for sure.  Hardware compatability is to
the point where I no longer bother checking for Linux compatability before
I buy, and in the last two years, I've only had to check for compatability,
return to the store and make an exchange once.  Lesson learned?  Hate on
Lexmark because they don't cooperate enough with the open source world to
keep this customer longer than it takes to realize "Oh, there aren't
drivers and Lexmark won't give anybody any hints...this thing's going back
to the store..."

> Or for that matter, what if I piece a computer together from separate 
> parts that have only recently hit the market?  I'm curious as far as both 
> desktop and server hardware is concerned.  

This is more likely to work, especially if you go to a mom-and-pop computer
shop with a Linux guy that you or your local LUG trusts.  The smaller OEMs
often shine at support.  I know one OEM in Portland, Oregon (I wish I could
remember the name right now) that not only stopped selling Microsoft
products, but won't support them, either:  It's Linux or nothing with

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