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Re: [OT] could i use acer recovery from cd after parttion and mbr change ?

Jabka Atu wrote:
this is Off topic but :
I'd like to install Debian 64 on my acer 5102wlmi(notebook).
by that i will change the parttion structure and i don't know if i could
restore the system after crash.

did anyone tried this ? .

or how could i do disk image from live (i have only 5 gb of data on it)

Independent of whether you install debian or not, you should have a backup of your system or at least of all your important data. I would get a usb harddrive and use this as a backup medium, since it is both cheaper and much more comfortable and probably also more reliable than burned CDs/DVDs. It has the additional advantage that it can be easily used together with a live CD, which would block your CD/DVD burner (I assume that your notebook falls in the usual category of having just ONE CD/DVD device :-) Alternatively you could do a backup over the network, if you have enough space on an other computer that has a fast network connection to your notebook.

Depending on your installed os and the partitions concerned, it might be enough to copy just your data (if your OS is linux). If you want to backup window$ ntfs partitions, it is generally not enough just to copy the data, except for situations where you are sure that you have the means to write all your data, config etc. even in the case of a hardware crash, ie. when it is impossible to boot the computer. IIRC, it is also impossible with a Window$ OS to copy all the data from the boot partition, since some are locked by the OS. In this case I recommend to use a knoppix CD or another linux live CD with the ntfsclone tool.

For windows on a fat partition you could try partimage.


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