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Re: Palm LifeDrive and kpilot

Luis Fernando Llana Díaz wrote:
I am the new owner of a Palm LifeDrive. I am trying to synchronise KAddressBook with the PDA with no success. I have managed to retrieve the addresses from the PDA to the PC, but not from the PC to the PDA. I also have loaded some addresses to the PDA with pilot-address -w file
But I have not been able to delete them with
pilot-address -D

These are the versions of the programs I am using. +++-==============-==============-============================================
ii  kpilot         3.5.4-1+b1     KDE Palm Pilot hot-sync tool
ii  pilot-link     0.11.8-10      Tools to communicate with a PalmOS PDA

Does anybody have an idea what is happening?

I would first try to sync with j-pilot to see if that works. Are you in the dialout group?

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