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Re: how to install debian on Turion x2 64bit

Þann 2006-10-09, 19:44:14 (+0200) skrifaði Jabka Atu:
> Hello and good day;
> recantly i have bought acer 5102wlmi
> sys info:
> Amd Turion 64 x2.
> 1Gb.
> 100gb pata.
> I'd Like to run Debian Unstable for 64 bit.
> the question is how to instal it:
> 1.to install normal 32 bit an search to find 64 kernel or to apt-get upgrade
> dist-upgrde to 64 bit miror
> 2.some where instaltion dvd for 64 bit.
> then upgrade to unstable.
> the question come becouse i cant find insatlation dvd for 64 bit,

I dont think that Debian releases any iso's for unstable install,
there are some iso's I think for the test (etch) install, use them and
then upgrade to unstable. Thats at least what I tend to do.



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