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Problem with LAN/Internet

Dear friends,

I have a 100Mbps LAN connectivity to my PC.But for the past 2-weeks there has
been some problem with the network on my computer.I have this problem only in
debian because LAN/internet are working fire on windows.The problem is that
LAN/internet does not work randomly for some time but after some time they
start working normally.When the network is down I am unable to ping outside
severs or access the internet.As I have already said I have this problem only
from the last 2-weeks and the problem has persisted.When I try to configure
the network by using the "dhclient" command I get the following output:

sit0: unknown hardware address type 776
sit0: unknown hardware address type 776
Listening on LPF/sit0/<null>
Sending on   LPF/sit0/<null>
Listening on LPF/lo/<null>
Sending on   LPF/lo/<null>
Listening on LPF/eth0/00:11:11:bb:5e:8b
Sending on   LPF/eth0/00:11:11:bb:5e:8b
Sending on   Socket/fallback/fallback-net
DHCPDISCOVER on sit0 to port 67 interval 6
DHCPDISCOVER on lo to port 67 interval 4
DHCPREQUEST on eth0 to port 67
SIOCADDRT: File exists
bound to -- renewal in 1296000 seconds.

I can recall that this output used to be somewhat different earlier.I remember
seeing something like DHCPOFFER.
Can anyone guide me plz....as I am not a member of this mailing list kindly cc
all ur replies to me.

Room No 455, Godavari hostel
IIT Madras, Chennai - 600 036

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