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Re: problems with CD-Writer (solved)

On Monday 09 October 2006 00:24, Brad Brock shared this with us all:
>--> Thanks to M-L <rose_snug@bigpond.com>
>--> Wodim helps me burn my ISO files to CDs. But I'm still
>--> curious with cdrecord. Is it imposible to use cdrecord
>--> in my computer..??

I think there has been a fork from the original cdrecord, and its author, 
because of some licensing issues. Debian has decided that it should remain as 
open source software and has removed any code that conflicts with this aim. 
So it is in flux I believe?

>--> By the way, is there any GUI for wodim?

I don't know. Sorry
>--> Thank you everybody.

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