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Re: Re: mozilla firefox about:config

At Mon, 02 Oct 2006 19:29:52 -0700 Jeff said,
> Not sure why user.js is not working

I installed the T'bird after Firefox.  Perhaps you
installed them together by a Mozilla meta-package.

> You could also try to right-click on about:config and add the mailto entry from there.

Good tip.  Thanks.  It worked and allowed this message
to be composed.

So now this entry exists.
Preference Name = network.protocol-handler.app.mailto
Status = user set
Type = string
Value = /home/peter/firefox.mailto.sh

firefox.mailto.sh contains this text

thunderbird -remote 'ping()' ¦¦ exec thunderbird "$@"
# exec thunderbird if there's no instance running
thunderbird -remote "xfeDoCommand(openInbox)"
# otherwise raise window,
[ "${1%%:*}" = 'mailto' ] && thunderbird -remote "mailto(${1#mailto:})"

and the file has execute permission of course.

Thanks again,      ... Peter E.

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