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Re: alternatives to logcheck

Logwatch might be an alternative.

Ian D. Leroux wrote:
I'm looking for a way to monitor my logfiles while selectively ignoring
noise, i.e. entries that *I* understand and am not worried about.

This sounds like logcheck's mandate, except that logcheck seems to be
more geared towards letting package maintainers define rules for
filtering normal entries.  For instance, there are a number of rules in
ignore.d.paranoid that filter out unsuccesful mail delivery attempts
that I don't want.  Since these files are managed by the debian package
system, I don't want to edit them directly, for fear of having all my
changes overwritten at next upgrade.

I'm getting the feeling that I should just roll my own solution, but I
thought I'd ask first if there were alternative packages or other more
elegant approaches I should look at.  Would it be appropriate to try
building something on top of syslog-ng's filter rules?


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