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Re: how to install debian onto iso file ?

Using VMware Player is a great way to run Debian on a Windows PC. Go to www.netliving.com to download the Debian Virtual Machine. You will be required to install VMware Player on the laptop.

If this is not an option, might I suggest using a live CD. Many can be found at distrowatch.com. A great Debian Live CD can be found at live.debian.net.


Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
On Fri, Oct 06, 2006 at 05:35:11PM +0400, Jabka Atu wrote:
Hello ..
i need to install my os onto some type of file (i guess iso be best but you
know best) .
the reason is that i can't change any thing on the pc (it's aint my laptop)
but i can create as much files as big as i want .
so i thout that  i could create an iso on its ntfs harddrive and some how
install on it debian and install lilo on floppy,or cd.

any way how can i do it ? .
Thnx in Advance

You probably need something like co-Linux.  Since you mention an ntfs
drive, I assume the laptop is running windows.  So, without
repartitioning and installing Debian on a partition of the hard drive,
the only way to make it work is with something like co-Linux, qemu or



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