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Re: ntfs disk partition backup

On Friday 06 October 2006 07:02, Fred J. wrote:
> Hi
> I was reading the man pages for partimage and it said that it supports
> ntfs(experamintal). is there another which know to work well with ntfs as
> well as the other linux know fs types?

I have used partimage's ntfs support in the past, and it worked ok.  These 
days I use (and recommend) ntfsclone.  I have done multiple backup/restore 
to different disks with it.  

If the ntfs partition is bootable and the starting sector changes you will 
need to modify ntfs's starting sector.  This isn't normally a problem for 
me when windows is installed on hda1.  

If you do have problems booting after a move or restore see 

Andrew V.

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