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Volumes no longer appear on GNOME desktop

Is anyone else seeing this in sid using gnome?

I "downgraded" my openoffice.org packages to the ones from testing because I ran into some problems opening files. I had to install an old 'libdbus' (1.2) to be able to install 'openoffice.org-gnome' (which depends on 'openoffice.org-gtk') so I ended up with two versions of libdbus on my system.

I then ran an upgrade (I believe it was late last night) which I think upgraded libdbus-1.3.

I ended up removing the old version of libdbus and going back to the latest openoffice.org packages but my volumes no longer appear on my desktop. Would someone know if this is due to the upgrade of libdbus-1.3 or something that has been left "unstable" after I performed the "downgrade" and then the "upgrade"?

Any help much appreciated.  Thank you.

Jose Alburquerque

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