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Re: wired or not wired, that's the question

On Wednesday 04 October 2006 16:16, wimpunk wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running debian testing on my laptop and I have a question about
> choosing a configuration.
> I use my laptop on wired and wireless environments.  At this moment I
> switch manually but I want to get it done automaticly: if there's a
> wire plugged in (with signal) try to use it and if no signal, try to
> get wireless up.  Has anyone a suggestion on how to do it?
> Tnx,
> wimpunk.

Use a combination of ifplugd and guessnet.

ifplugd will check to see if you are ethernet cable is plugged in or wlan is 

guessnet when appropriately configured via /etc/network/interfaces will choose 
which network to associate with.

Be sure to read /usr/share/doc/{guessnet,ifplugd}/README.gz


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